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White Opal Flower Threadless Labret

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This beautiful white opal flower labret features 6 opals surrounding a center white opal set on a threadless pin for easy and painless insertion into your labret post. Sold as a single. (one top + one post). 

  • Material ASTM F-136 Titanium (nickel free & hypoallergenic)
  • Size Flower is approximately 6mm 
  • Color White Opal (op17)

Perfect for earrings: conch, helix, tragus, various other cartilage piercings, earlobes, and wherever else you deem fit. Also may be used as a nostril nose stud, monroe, medusa, or standard lip ring.


Directions for use: separate top from labret post by pulling straight out. Insert the labret post into your piercing from the back. Simply push the pin on the back of the top straight into the labret post until you feel it secure. Give the top a small tug to make sure it is secure in place. If the top is not securing into the post at any point, remove jewelry (this is easiest to do while it's not in your piercing) and insert only the tip of the pin inside the post and bend the pin a very small amount, and retry until the pin secures inside the post better.