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Titanium Rainbow Captive Bead Ring

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Get your basic captive bead ring with a touch of rainbow. These hoops go through an anodization process to give you a long lasting color that will not flake off or cause irritation (the color is NOT a plating). Sold separately (one hoop)

  • Material ASTM F-136 Titanium
  • Size Choose from various sizes
  • Color Rainbow Multicolor

Perfect for many, many piercings! May be used in any piercing that can use a ring. Cartilage, lip, nostril, rook, helix, septum, eyebrow, etc.


Directions for use: Using both hands, hold the bare side of the hoop with one hand and grasp the bead with the other. Pull the bead straight out. To reinsert, line up one dimple with one open edge of the hoop and slide the other side of the bead into place. For further help, watch this video: